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How Personal Branding helps in increasing your Net Worth

Source | LinkedIn | JainderSingh Negi | Founder SMALUTION | Self-Starter | Start-up Advisor | Career Coach | Blockchain Enthusiast

Till date I have not been promoting my business on any LinkedIn post and articles.

I know LinkedIn is an professional platform to promote business and services.

I have been just promoting JOBSEEKERS and HUMANITY. Sometimes I promote counselling and advising for STARTUPS.

All of them are my passion and not a source of living.

Since I know my BUSINESS gets promoted with my face value through PERSONAL BRANDING.

Lots of professionals on this platform show interest to work with me irrespective of the type of business I am involved in right now.

Most businesses are interconnected with each other and I am able to generate huge opportunities for my future.

What few of our LINKEDIN Influencer’s who have built their reputation online and are a great example of personal branding have to say-

“My opinion is that we are now living in an age where personal branding is far more important than company branding.

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