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How Personalized Learning Builds Future-Ready Workforces

By | Anthony Santa Maria

Organizations continue to experience tectonic shifts in response to the evolving conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic. To keep up, business leaders are increasingly realizing that creating a culture of continuous learning is a competitive advantage amidst rapid change. 

To meet the moment, organizations are strategizing and implementing large-scale upskilling and reskilling programs to ensure their employees—and the business—have the skills they need both now and in the future. And everyone’s looking to L&D (learning and development) professionals to make that happen.

According to the latest Workplace Learning Report, L&D pros said upskilling and reskilling is their number one priority for 2021. It’s a massive undertaking and a new muscle for many. In response, L&D pros are leveraging personalized content to drive the learner engagement that organic skill-building requires.  

Today we’ll look at what it means for learning to be personalized and how it enables organizations to continuously develop their workforce and meet the needs of an uncertain future. 

What is personalized learning?

When we talk about personalized learning, we’re referring to content and experiences tailored to a specific learner’s needs, learning style, career goals, and interests. While there are varying levels of personalized content, the most effective personalization meets each learner where they are and helps them get where they want to go. 

According to our Workplace Learning findings, the desire for personalized learning is building steam, with 78 percent of respondents expressing the need for course recommendations based on career goals and skill gaps. That’s because our roles and responsibilities are changing before our eyes. It takes a culture of continuous learning to ensure your employees stay on top of the latest trending skills in their industry and have an understanding of how their range of skill sets compare to their peers. 

Bottom line? Align learning to your employees’ career paths, and they will come. 

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