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How professionals turned their passion into rewarding side hustles

Source | | Harsh Vora

BENGALURU: The pandemic pause prompted many to add creativity to their hours by dusting off old skills or immersing themselves deeper into active interests. A number of Bengaluru professionals, including techies, turned their passions into rewarding side hustles while handling the demands of their full-time careers and families.

Side hustles and freelance gigs are growing as more people look for a new stream of daily motivation, purpose or extra income amid self-reflection and uncertainty.

Sneha Chakrabarty works at a global communications firm. A few months ago, she started creating resin art and promoting it on the Instagram handle @299_artstreet. “Earlier this year, I came across acrylic pouring and a couple of months ago, I discovered resin art. After weeks of self-learning and practising on a budget, I opened for commissions within my closed circle,” she says.

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