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How Putting Your Employees First Improves Business Success

By | Charlie Fletcher

If businesses want to be successful they need to look beyond their bottom lines and the productivity of their employees. In fact, if they want their employees to be more productive businesses should start putting their employees first. This might be easier said than done for some companies, but others have been doing it for years and reaping the rewards. Let’s explore how your business can improve its success by putting its employees first in today’s post.

Put Your Employees Ahead of Profits

Understandably, companies need to look at profits and their bottom lines. However, those bottom lines might not be where they should be if the culture of the organization isn’t strong. It might be tough at first, but companies need to put their employees ahead of profits even if it costs them a customer with deep pockets. The saying, “the customer is always right,” only goes so far.

For example, if a customer is treating an employee poorly or with disrespect, stand up for your employee. Continuing to do business with such a customer is bad for employee morale, as no one in the ranks will want to work with that customer for fear of being disrespected. By standing up to the disrespectful customer you are showing the employees that you stick to your values and want your employees to be treated correctly.

Push Your Employees to Grow With the Company

Many employees will limit themselves in what they think they can do. Encourage your employees to better themselves and to grow with the company. Encourage them to continue their education by offering compensation for advanced degrees and certifications that apply to your industry. The more you invest in your employees, the more likely they are to invest in their own growth. They will feel more comfortable branching out within their profession to try new things, apply for promotions, and work on projects they once thought they could never complete. This will undoubtedly have a direct impact on the success of your company.

Unite Your Employees by Caring

There’s nothing wrong with caring for your employees. Uniting a team of employees takes a lot of work as people won’t necessarily unite on their own. By caring for your employees you will encourage them to care more about the success of the team as a whole than their own personal gain. Create a culture committee of employees from all levels of the company to put caring into action. This committee should come up with different ways to improve the overall culture of the company and ensure that everyone is playing as a team.

Burnout in the professional world is a serious problem plaguing employees and companies throughout the world. Put a focus on mental health, how employees can avoid or beat burnout, and implement changes in the workday to ensure that your employees don’t feel overwhelmed.

Prioritize the Wellness of Your Employees

One of the only ways you can truly put employees first is by prioritizing their wellness. The mental and physical health of all your employees needs to be a focus of the organization as a whole. If employees need to take time off to care for themselves or a loved one, let them do it without feeling guilty or without being ostracized by supervisors or co-workers.

You should also consider hosting annual retreats for employees and outings that include family members of your employees. The more activities you host that take place outside of the office, the more likely it is that your employees will be productive when they are on the clock.

Employee Safety Should be at the Forefront

No matter what type of industry your company operates in, employee safety should be at the forefront. Whether your employees work at computers all day or climb scaffolding, you should focus on their overall safety. Host safety training and seminars regularly to ensure that they are protecting themselves, following safety policies, and are looking out for hazards that can harm them and their co-workers. Make sure that you supply employees with all of the safety equipment they need to perform their duties as safely as possible.

Why You Should Put Your Employees First

The bottom line here is that putting your employees first is good for business. The happier your employees are at work, the less likely they are to make a mistake and to miss time. Unhappy employees don’t care if they call out often and don’t focus on the job duties enough to care about the outcome of their performance.

When you put employees first you will see positive experiences spread to your customers, an increase in productivity, and a reduction in turnover. Employees will want to remain with your company for the long haul and you will experience an increase in people applying for jobs when they do become available. Word will quickly spread about how well employees are treated.


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