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How Schneider Electric Stays Both Local and Global

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Emond: Schneider Electric calls itself “the most local of the global companies.” Tell me about that.

Blum: It has always been the strategy of Schneider Electric to be as local as possible for the simple reason that we do a lot of business with local partners; they know the local ecosystem. We live in a global world where more and more people are connected, but most people are not mobile. Their careers and their homes are in their country of origin. We strongly believe that, while there are a lot of benefits to being global, such as our ability to leverage the most innovative and effective technology, at the end of the day, the most successful company will be the most local one. If you look at the way the planet is evolving, how politics are evolving, and with the increasing size of our company, there are huge benefits to our business and to people to be very, very local in our approach.

Emond: How do you execute on that strategy?

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