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How Science Proves New Mothers Can Trust Their Instincts

By | Tracy |

The pain is unbearable as I sit perched on the edge of our couch, shaking as tears stream down my face. I can’t do this every two hours, I think. How can this possibly be normal? But, looking down at my five-day-old baby as he nurses I’m in awe of how my body is able to nourish him.

His little blue eyes lock with mine and I recall a parenting gem I read while I was pregnant. A newborn’s range of vision is 8-15 inches, which happens to be the distance between a mother and baby’s face while breastfeeding. It’s thought this distance most likely evolved because of breastfeeding. It brings me comfort and helps me dig a little deeper, knowing not only am I feeding my baby but also nurturing his evolving vision.

Contemplating little known miracles like these helped me trust my instincts and find strength through many sleepless nights and long nap-less days. I hope sharing a few of them may help you too, no matter where you find yourself on this adventure called parenting.

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