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How Self-Confidence Can Completely CHANGE YOUR LIFE | Alakshi Tomar | Josh Talks

Source | YouTube | Josh Talks

Most of us have been through a phase in our lives where our self-confidence and self esteem took a backseat. But if we have the right amount of self esteem and personal development goals, we can develop the confidence to believe in ourselves. Alakshi Tomar was also one of those girls, who was dealing with questions like how to be confident, How to build self confidence and how to overcome fear in her life. She was unhappy with both the professional and personal front, often finding it difficult to be fearless at her workplace and at home. She always strived for self improvement and wanted to build her self confidence, but in vain, couldn’t find how to do it.

Eventually, she decided, it was time, to sum up her courage and change things around. She decided to love herself first, and with this self love, she completely changed her life. She started a venture TruCup, working towards the cause which affected her since her time at the Gandhi Fellowship- women’s menstrual health and hygiene. Today, TruCup is initiating a series of changes in the narratives of modern liberated Indian women.

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