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How she was always so happy and satisfied!

Source | LinkedIn | Astha Suneja | Senior Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft

Life is a very interesting subject – we all get a chance to run our own experiments and mange our own labs, the way we want. But, the result of these parallel experiments is the society that we create, intentionally or unintentionally. So staying in a society means picking up the results of several experiments, some of which are yours, some not. Few years back, our grandmothers ran their experiments and created a society that was quite unique, deeply thought through and well nurtured.

Several strings attached!

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She would frequently visit her distant cousin, going there uninvited and without prior notice. She would gift them fresh milk, or a home made yogurt, or even a box of laddoos in an ordinary looking lunch box. She would knock at the doors of her new neighbors and introduce herself and her evening tea. You may find her discussing her investment plans or health issues with the rickshaw driver, on her way back when her distant cousin’s grandchild would join her, just like that!

An emotionally fulfilling purpose that she had..

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She was important and so was her time. Equally important were her ideas. Walking several miles to get fresh milk ensuring that it wasn’t diluted or contaminated, ensuring the wellness of people around her – be it her son, grandchild or the vegetable seller way back, was a purpose. Cleanliness – mental or physical was her responsibility and she was quite an expert. If mangoes turned sweet in her yard, she had to walk several homes to distribute. She was super busy with people and their lives, who in turn were busy with her and with her life. She never felt empty or less useful.

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