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How Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone Can Unlock New Career Opportunities

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While most kids enjoy getting lost in fiction stories, James Dale was more interested in reading about what was happening in the world of finance. “I’ve always been interested in numbers, math, economics, and the market in general,” he says. “I knew that was something I wanted to be a part of.”

Today, Dale is the Managing Director, Head of International Business Management at the electronic trading platform Tradeweb. In the 11 years he’s been at the company, Dale has made a point to raise his hand and take on new opportunities. And it’s this approach that has led to Dale’s accomplishments, including working in both the New York and London offices, helping launch lines of business, and earning several promotions along the way.

Here, Dale talks about the most important lessons he’s learned in his career, how Tradeweb helps him achieve work-life balance as a dad, and why you shouldn’t wait for opportunities to come to you.

How is your experience moving up at Tradeweb indicative of the way the company invests in its employees?

The company is great at giving you the chance to really run with ideas and make things happen. I’ve been very lucky as I’ve progressed in my career—the company has given me more space to evolve and help move the needle for Tradeweb. For example, I started within corporate development, then I had an opportunity through one of our clients to launch a new line of business eight years ago. From there I had a role overseeing the finance function, then I moved to New York and subsequently back again to London. I’ve been able to grow and change with the company and that’s really important for me.

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