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By | Payal Nanjiani | Globally Acclaimed Leadership Expert | Renowned Speaker | Executive Coach | New York Award Winning Author | Trained 1M+ to be transformational leaders and succeed

Do you recollect the airline incident of 2018 where a pilot safely landed a Southwest Airlines passenger plane after a jet engine ripped apart mid-air? Shults, the pilot, had to make a callous decision on an emergency landing. If you hear the audio from the cockpit, which became public, you will notice how calmly Shults spoke with air traffic control. She even surprised herself with her level of calmness as a medic took her vitals after the plane landed. Everyone was amazed at her ability to make such a tough decision with so much precision single-handedly.

 You might not be in a situation like Shults where you need to make a life or death decision. But every single day, you’ve got to make decisions at your workplace. Some of these decisions are relatively simple, while many are critical and tough ones. In today’s digital world, there is an abundance of information and training available on decision making. Yet, in times of crisis and uncertainty, people’s tendency to freeze – they standstill. They say, “I don’t know if I want to make a decision.” because, in times like these, we operate with a victim mindset rather than a leadership mindset.

 Working with some of the most successful people ‘sin the world, I’ve observed that they follow a straightforward yet powerful decision-making equation. 

                   DECISION = EVENT+ FEELINGS 

While the vast majority of us focus on the event and our actions, successful people consciously focus on the feeling element in decision making. They know that they cannot control the events in their lives, but can master how they experience them. And that’s what differentiates people’s results. 

For example, the biggest reason people dread making tough decisions is that they are afraid things won’t work out as planned. And fear is an emotion. So if you decide based on fear, what type of results will it get you? Not great results.

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