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How Tech is Transforming HR?

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HR Management is a technology-based profession today!

Technology is being imbibed by professionals from every field and human resource (HR) professionals are not left behind. The technology is helping HR professionals with the right tools to reduce their time spent on administrative tasks. It is digitizing the HR processes and promoting a shift in their work culture. As a result, human resources are using their time in other business tasks and transforming the way the organization works.

The HRs today are engaged in smarter recruitment, employee engagement, e-performance management, people analytics, business intelligence, migration of core HR systems to the cloud, and so forth.

According to, the global human resource management sector is projected to reach USD 30 billion by 2025.

This infographic highlights how tech is transforming HR practices.


How Tech is Transforming HR

According to Dave Ulrich, Professor of The University of Michigan, “HR professionals often see their largest job challenges as sourcing talent, improving performance management, defining compensation, and providing training programs and other HR systems.”

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