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How technology can drive a sustainable economic recovery

Source | | Roland Busch

  • We cannot miss the opportunity to turn crisis into sustainable recovery.
  • We need to transform the backbone of our economies, from industry to infrastructure and transport – and technology can help.
  • Greater collaboration within ecosystems will be essential to tackling the challenges of our fast-changing world.

During the financial crisis of 2008, the world had the opportunity to shape a more sustainable economy. According to economist Nicholas Stern, the economic and technological conditions at the time would have made it easier to make progress on climate change. But we failed to grasp it.

Twelve years on, we find ourselves in an unprecedented health and economic crisis, with less than a decade to limit global warming and avert catastrophic climate change.

The present-day crisis gives us a unique opportunity to hit the reset button, and put the world on a more sustainable path. With a growing and ageing global population and extreme poverty increasing again, we need to find ways to increase productivity: to do more with less, and use fewer natural resources.

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