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How The Best Leaders Get People On Board With Change

Source | | Margie Warrell

Change isn’t easy. Even change for the better. Great leaders know this and don’t pretend otherwise. Yet they also know that embracing change with the right mindset – one that is open to learning and “unlearning” on-the-go – is paramount to creating an environment where change isn’t just a once in a decade occurrence to be endured, but an integral part of their organisation’s DNA to be embraced and enjoyed.

Whether you’re leading a team of two or an organisation of ten thousand, below are ten ways you can alleviate any internal resistance to change, better seize its’ opportunities and get more people on the “change-wagon” faster.

1. Lead From “Why”

One of the main reasons change programs fail is that people don’t understand why they’re being put through the ringer. This is why leaders must be clear in their own heads about the big “why” behind the change they’re spearheading and clearly able to articulate it in an accessible, relevant way. A leader who can’t explain why a change needs to happen will only deepen any cynicism and fuel the underground resistance to it.

As you explain the “why”, make sure people understand the larger context and what lies at stake if they don’t change. Listen to their concerns and then ensure they don’t feel like they are going through a whole lot of pain, uncertainty and hard work for no good reason. Don’t assume they understand the bigger picture. They often don’t! Help them see how their role, and the changes being made to it, make sense within the larger strategy being executed.

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