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How the Pandemic Changed the Car Buying Process

By | Regina Thomas

It’s no secret that the pandemic has impacted most aspects of our lives. The car buying process is no exception. Here are ways the pandemic has changed the car buying process.

1.     Buy Your Car Online

In a more technologically advanced world than ever before, it is not surprising that buying a car has changed. You would have had to visit several dealerships to compare prices and features in the past. But now, with the pandemic, you can do things such as buy a BMW online from the comfort of your own home!

Buying your vehicle online has numerous benefits, including no-hassle transactions, competitive prices, and less time-wasting on negotiating or sitting in traffic. The pandemic has led to the development of the online car buying process wherein one can compare different prices, browse through various models, and even take a test drive before deciding on the car model. In addition, buying online allows you to compare offers and research on best financial deals.

2.     Communicate With The Car Dealers Online

The pandemic led to new social networks, which enabled people to stay connected and informed. It has also facilitated the interaction between dealers and customers. One such social media is Facebook, which now allows users to post ads for free and receive notifications when someone posts an ad in the same category as theirs. Through social media, dealers can advertise a car and give new features to attract buyers.

Other than marketing, the pandemic has also changed how dealers communicate with clients when buying a car. When buying a car, the first thing you do is find a car dealer within a given radius and make a request for a vehicle. This request gets sent later to the dealer, who will either give the buyer information about the car or send photos.

After verifying that they are happy with the pictures, they then fill out an application form and enter their details. With the pandemic, dealers have made their online support system active, thus allowing the client to chat and ask any questions.

3.     Allow Solo Test Drive

A client needs to have a test drive before purchasing a car, since it allows them to see how it works. Before the pandemic, you needed to drive in the presence of a salesperson, which could be an awkward situation for the client. The pandemic has caused dealerships to offer solo or at-home test drives.

In the past, it typically took weeks for a buyer to collect all the necessary information on a potential new purchase. Nowadays, with dealerships offering solo or at-home test drives, the process has been reduced to a few hours or minutes per vehicle.

4.     Negotiating the Car Sale online

Initially, car buyers had to go to the car dealer and negotiate the price of the vehicle in person. If they were fortunate, they could buy it at the dealership. Otherwise, they would have to shop around for a better deal or hope that someone would come across their dream car on Craigslist.

The pandemic has allowed buyers to negotiate the car sale online, changing the car buying process. Nowadays, potential buyers can now communicate with dealerships from the convenience of their home without ever having to set foot in the dealership. They can use websites that offer all the information needed for negotiation.

5.     Car Presentation by Video

The pandemic has changed the car buying process by allowing people to present their cars in videos. In the past, a person would have to physically go to a dealership or have a broker meet them at their home or work. Now, those with smartphones can record themselves presenting their vehicle from wherever they are and send it straight to the dealership of choice. Video presentation helps eliminate travel time and saves both time and money.

6.     Signing Contract Online

The pandemic has made it possible to sign a contract online, which has changed the car-buying process. You can now buy a car from your own home at the comfort of your computer. It is because of the availability of different auto financing options and instant approval by lenders and dealerships.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the pandemic has made many changes in people’s lives, including car buying. Buying your car online and negotiating your car price video presentation are some changes due to the pandemic.

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