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How The Tech That Took Away Your Work-Life Balance is WorkingTo Reinstate IT

Source | Fast Company : By LYDIA DISHMAN

Most of work doesn’t have to be done in an office anymore. And in many situations that’s a good thing. Technology enables remote work when regular routes are shut down (like during a snowstorm). Between a smartphone and home-based WiFi, most workers can at least answer email and get basic stuff done. Add a little Slack chat or Basecamp project management, and many of the daily tasks can be tackled.

But the very apps and devices that allow us to toggle between working at the office and working from the sofa can also make us feel like we now work 24/7.

Flex time is important to workers, especially if they have children. Flex time ranked high among full-time employees who were parents in a global study by EY, and recent Facebook data found that 39% of parents report being crunched for time.

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