How these IBM execs are using AI-powered edge computing to provide businesses with actionable insights

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  • Bengaluru-based Nymo Technologies provides actionable insights through intelligent facial, image, and behaviour recognition, reducing processing, bandwidth, and storage needs. The startup serves clients in retail, hospitality, manufacturing, and the government sector.

Source | | Sindhu Kashyaap

Microsoft, IBM, and other Fortune 500 companies are often faced with several business problems. To solve these, their innovation teams use AI and computer vision-based solutions. Arjun Das, Amit Das, Jack Kundamal, and Sougata Majumdar were a part of such teams for long.  “While we were almost always able to devise a suitable algorithm tailored to the business problem, overall projects had varying degrees of success due to the realities of receiving training data and other such ‘last-mile’ problems. Often, these initiatives were shelved before we could realise the fruits of our labour due to typical large company priorities,” Arjun says.  After several such iterations they realised that they were on the cutting edge of computer vision and recognition analytics, but were not able to achieve their full potential.   “It was then that we decided to form our own company to productise our solution and address the ‘teething pains’ and impediments that new deep tech endeavours typically face,” Arjun says.

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