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How these LinkedIn influencers are shaping careers

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NEW DELHI: Ankur Warikoo is the CEO of but most people know him for his catchy 30 to 60-second motivational videos on LinkedIn. Despite an academic background in science and management, Warikoo, 38, surprisingly, chooses to share his two-bits on more emotional topics such as ‘how to stop feeling bad’ which has helped him amass more than 6.5 lakh followers on this networking site for professionals. Last year, he was named one of the top 25 influential voices on LinkedIn. 

Though LinkedIn predates Facebook and Instagram, it’s often overshadowed by its younger counterparts. But that could be changing as it morphs into more than a jobs site. Recently, The New York Times wrote an article headlined ‘Why Aren’t We Talking About LinkedIn’, pointing out that it had 645 million followers and posted twice as much revenue as Twitter last year. Of course, a key difference is that its influencers are not posting videos and glossy photos about the high life.

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