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  • The most common notion of HR is they hire people and deal with the people who are being let go or who are quitting.
  • In reality, the HR is responsible for growing the organisational capacity and creating meaningful work-lives.
  • HR’s primary task is to make sure that people have all the resources to expand their talent and to help the organisation with their talent.
  • Employees have to be engaged and motivated. They have to be seeking Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose.
  • Goal-setting and performance review are two of the most powerful tools that HR can introduce to an organisation.
  • Unless you have a good, precise and objective performance management system, you cannot have a succession plan, you cannot have even learning and development.
  • One of the good HR practices is to have the induction day and being transparent about all the processes of the organisation.
  • One-on-one meetings between the manager and the employee is one single most powerful managerial tool that can be easily introduced at workplaces.
  • One underestimated thing for HR is the power of statistics.
  • Employees who like the mission and the values of an organisation are 2.59 times more likely to be promoters of the organisation.
  • People who said that they never come to any of the corporate events are 2.9 times more probable to be detractors.
  • Culture is not something that you come and create; culture is basically what we do when there are no explicit rules.
  • Nobody…

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