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How to Accomplish Goals the ‘Introvert Way’

By | Rebecca Mardiross |

When it comes to accomplishing your goals, your quiet introvert persistence will be heard through your success. 

As an introvert, planning my goals is the part of the goal-setting process that I enjoy the most. The planning itself becomes a fun project that I’m excited about. In true introvert fashion, I find myself making lists, charting out the steps, and writing down every little detail that I can think of.

Many introverts prefer to take this thinking-and-planning approach when setting goals. This is helpful because having everything about the goal written out is a good way to envision it, and then make it a reality. It not only helps prepare you by serving as a roadmap, but it also helps keep you on track with your goals.

According to the American Psychological Association, writing about your goals can help in improving your performance and coming up with solutions. That’s what Cheryl Travers, Ph.D., a professor at the School of Business and Economics at Loughborough University, asked her students to do. She found that her students performed significantly better when they kept diaries to reflect on the progress of their goals. She said that “by writing about successes and failures and thinking about strategies to overcome difficulties, students gained confidence in themselves and developed academic self-efficacy.”

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