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How to Achieve your Wildest Dreams | Pierre Subeh | TEDxUSF

Source | YouTube | TEDx Talks

We often spectate inspiring success stories on social media and television;  however, we have somehow become numb to feeling inspired by them. As a society, we have evolved to be out of touch with tales of those who made it against the odds, almost making no connection to how one day, we can possibly be the hero of these stories. Pierre Subeh challenges the norm and what is considered traditions with his TEDx talk titled, ‘How to achieve your wildest dreams’. Taking the audience through a journey of his humble beginnings as a Syrian-American entrepreneur who made his wildest dreams come true using two methods; The sequential pyramid and Arianna Huffington’s infamous microsteps method. Challenging the limits of possibility and the idea that the brain is incapable of imagining something that hasn’t happened, is happening in the present day, or will occur in the future

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