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How to AI-Proof Your Job

By | John Boitnott | Contributor at and The Motley Fool – Ghost Writer for executives and entrepreneurs

Is your job AI-proof? Many jobs may be easily replaced in future years by artificial intelligence. Here’s how to keep your position safe.

Which segment of workers is likely to be most disrupted by the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) technology? Believe it or not, it isn’t necessarily blue-collar employees. Rather, it’s knowledge workers

Knowledge workers may not be safe from the rise of automation and AI. But, there are some skills and job duties that will be mostly outside the range of capabilities of AI, at least for the foreseeable future. They include certain consumer/market research duties, collaborative projects, and briefing management/other team members

According to Andrew Ng, task types requiring information processing are the AI benchmark: if a human being can process that information in one second or less, it’s likely to become the province of AI. Yet while machine learning and data work will probably always be relegated to AI, that’s not the full story for the future of AI at work. Many tasks require skills that can only be performed (so far) with human cognition and input. Those skills are a good way to protect your work from a machine takeover.

Here are four categories of skills that you can develop and enhance to future-proof your job against AI. 

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