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How To Answer ‘What Is Your Greatest Strength?’ In A Job Interview

By | Jack Kelly |

Hiring managers and human resources professionals love asking the basic, standard interview questions. Instead of thinking up interesting, thought-provoking questions, they resort to prosaic questions, like “What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?” The good news for job hunters is that these questions are relatively easy to answer.

Strategies For Answering

The “What is your greatest strength?” interview question is a cliché at this point. Despite the fact that it’s overutilized, you need to play the game. View it as a way to sell yourself by offering examples of how you’ve succeeded under adversity and came through with a big win, such as landing a large client.

Although it seems easy, you can trip up on the answer. Be direct and honest. You don’t want to lie because it will come back to haunt you down the road, once you’re working at the company.

Focus on sharing strengths that specifically relate to the job you’re applying for. Don’t interpret the question outside the scope of the hiring process and bring up unrelated personal attributes. Explain how you’ve leveraged your strengths to add value to the company, exceed expectations and made a significant impact.

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