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How to Answer “What Is Your Work Style?” in an Interview (Plus Examples!)

By | Stav Ziv |

Some interview questions tell you exactly what they’re looking for. Others take a little more deciphering—“What is your work style?” is one of them.

You might have gotten questions like “What is your management style?” or “What kind of work environment do you prefer?” This one belongs to the same family, but leaves things a little more up to interpretation. You might talk about your management style. And you may very well talk about what kind of environment allows you to do your best work. But there are many ways you could approach your answer.

This freedom gives you a chance to prove why you’re such a great candidate—and to make sure this is the right opportunity for you. But there are few things you need to know in order to take advantage of this question.

Why Are Interviewers Asking?

When interviewers ask about your work style, it’s usually an effort to assess whether you’ll be successful in this role, on this team, and within this company. They want to know “how well you’re going to fit into the way that they work and to the requirements of the job and how well you work with others,” says Muse career coach Lynn Berger. Do the qualities, skills, and preferences you describe set you up to meet the goals of this job and be a good addition to the existing team?

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