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How To Answer ‘Why Is There A Gap In Your Employment?’

Source | Forbes : By Liz Ryan

Dear Liz,

I have been job-hunting for three months. I can see my progress because I was so nervous at my first two or three job interviews that I basically fell apart.

I mumbled my answers to the interviewer’s questions. I was so happy to get out of those interviews, I didn’t even care whether or not I got the job.

Now I’m getting better at interviewing. I’m getting more confident. My friends at my retail job tell me “We don’t want you to leave! You are awesome!”

They are great people and I hate to leave them too, so I have a good reason to be choosy about my next office job. I am an Office Manager.

Now there is only interview question that still throws me. It is the question “Why is there a gap in your employment history?” The gap is from 2012 to 2014.

I was taking care of my parents. They were still in their home at that time but my dad was not doing well.

My parents went into assisted living in 2015. They have both passed on since then. I went back to work in March of 2015. I would still be at that job (in an insurance agency) but the owner retired and closed the office.

How can I answer the question “Why is there a gap in your employment?” without stumbling over it?

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