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How to Appear More Sophisticated Without Making Drastic Changes

It's in the little details

By | Ysabel Y. Yuzon |

Thanks to fashion blogs and countless beauty sites, many women are now able to personalize their looks to suit their tastes, skin and body types. But even with encouragement from bloggers and celebs, a lot of women, especially those in their 30s or 40s, are still afraid to make drastic changes for fear of being judged or receiving unsolicited comments like “trying hard si girl” or the ever-annoying “ikaw na!”

While we at FN believe that you shouldn’t care about what other people have to say about your looks (and life), we also understand that confidence doesn’t develop overnight. So if you want to enhance your appearance without making too many big changes, here are some tweaks you can do to look more elegant and sophisticated right away:


There’s nothing wrong with keeping it safe with neutrals and classic cuts. But one way to elevate your look is to add an accessory to accent your minimalist look. 

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