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How to Arrange for Transformer Repair

By | Katie Barns

Transformers are vital parts of many electrical systems, ranging from home-sized units to major industrial setups. However, like any other piece of your electrical system, they can also wear out and break if they do not receive regular maintenance and repairs.

If your transformer has broken or is showing signs of damage, then you will want to get it repaired as soon as possible. Not only could a damaged transformer put your electrical system on track for further problems, but it could endanger you if the system faults get worse.

Keep Safe

Move everybody away from the damaged transformer and make sure that you turn the power to the unit off, if possible. You do not want to risk hurting anybody or causing even more damage to the unit, especially if that could result in more power faults in other places across your system. 

Identify the Issue

While it can be tempting to open the transformer up and see if you can find an obvious problem, that will not usually be possible. A lot of transformer faults are not anything immediately noticeable, like a frayed wire or a component that has fallen off. Even opening up a transformer without the proper training can be incredibly dangerous.

However, you can still gather information about the damage. Does the transformer still work? Are there any obvious threats, like electrical sparks? When did the fault happen, and – if you were present when it broke – what happened the moment the unit broke?

The more you know, the better. Either way, you will still want to call in a specialist to take a look at the unit. Most transformer repair service experts will know how to find the problems that you are not able to, so it is best to leave the more in-depth checks to an expert.

Find a Transformer Repair Team

Finding the right transformer repair service is easier than you might think. You can either look around your local area for local transformer repair businesses or choose a larger national/international company, but either option works as long as you get the expert help that you need.

Compare your options and narrow down your choices to a repair service worth using. After that, you simply have to get in contact with them and explain the problem, then schedule a convenient time for an expert to come in and take a look at your transformer unit.

Prepare the Area

Once you have called in some experts, try to clear the area so that they have room to work. This is especially important for industrial transformers since they may need to access the unit on multiple sides, and having other items blocking the way can interfere with their repairs. The more convenient you can make their work, the sooner the repairs will get done.

Be sure to look into getting transformer maintenance work done once the transformer repair job is complete. Maintenance can be the easiest way to prevent major system damage in the future, especially if you have older transformer units that have not received proper maintenance work in years.

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