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How To Assess Emotional Intelligence During An Interview

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Learn How to Assess Emotional Intelligence During the Hiring Process (And Why You Should)

College degree? ✓
Experience in the field? ✓
Emotional intelligence?…

Do you know how to assess emotional intelligence when interviewing a job applicant? If not, you could be hiring the wrong candidates. Learn how to spot emotional intelligence during the recruitment process and how to encourage its development in your current employees as well.

What Is Emotional Intelligence and Why Is it Important?

Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize, understand, manage, and reason with one’s emotions and those of others. Having a high level of emotional intelligence helps someone to make decisions, solve problems, and communicate on a deeper and more effective level.

Asking employees to leave their baggage outside the office door is easier said than done. Suppression only works for so long. Emotions are bound to pop up or develop at work. Imagine the different outcomes between a team who knows how to interpret and appropriately respond to emotion and a team who recklessly reacts.

If you want to encourage internal growth, hiring candidates who demonstrate the telltale signs of emotional intelligence is crucial. According to Dr. Travis Bradberry, 90% of top performers have high levels of emotional intelligence, and nearly 60% of an employee’s job performance is directly related to emotional intelligence. If you want a team that communicates, reads, and responds to the needs and emotions of clients and coworkers, focus on hiring candidates with high levels of emotional intelligence.

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