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How to Be a Successful Woman Entrepreneur

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How to mobilise women entrepreneurs — this JobsForHer Expert Chat video with Iti Rawat, Founder & Director, Think Hall Academy, has all the information you need for your business plan.

You can understand the importance of networking, market credibility, entrepreneurial policies and everything else that will make you a leader in entrepreneurship on this video.

She says, unique, interesting, practical ideas are the ones that stand the test of the market and make your idea a winner.

Well, if you think only a degree can make you an entrepreneur, here is some exciting information. Iti says that only your idea matters and not your degree, and the best example of this is Steve Jobs.

Also, it is usually seen that when an idea strikes, working towards it can prove to be difficult. The solution for this is the numerous online courses available. These will help you prepare for your business in the right way.  

The most important benefit of the present-day scenario is that the government is in favour of women starting new businesses. There are policies that help you lay your entrepreneurial foundation and help you cross that hard first step.

In general, preparing to be a successful entrepreneur has now become easy because of Experts like Iti and all the online and offline help one can get.

Get detailed information on how you can have a lasting impact as a woman entrepreneur on the Expert Chat with Iti.

Also, do you think as a woman you are able to put to practical use everything you have learned in life — being a mother, a wife, a working woman and the whole package that you are? 

Then, create your Profile+ NOW — the only woman professional profile that showcases you as a whole = Your Work+Life experiences. 

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