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How To Be An Incredible Leader During Times Of Uncertainty

Source | | Laura Garnett

Now more than ever, there’s a need for great leadership. Even for seasoned executives, when it comes to leading during a crisis like COVID-19, it’s hard to know where to begin.

The truth is, this experience will change us. It’s like nothing I’ve ever witnessed in my 46 years of life. It’s different from any of the major challenges our society has faced in the recent past. Similar to 9/11, it feels like it came out of nowhere, and there’s simply no playbook to be found. Nobody really knows what to do. Even the government is scrambling. They’re trying to come up with plans, but the reality remains: What’s going to happen?

There are more questions than answers, and this level of ambiguity is difficult for humans—we crave certainty. But if you’re a leader, it’s imperative for the success of your team, business, or company to be strong and to lead with everything you’ve got. 

Here are five powerful ways you can help your people in a significant way:

  1. Stay Positive (Even When You Feel Negative): This one is tricky. Shouldn’t leadership be about honesty? Yes, for the most part. But the reality is, with this crisis, nobody knows what will happen. So we have a choice between guiding our teams with negativity or positivity.

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