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How To Be More Feminine – 12 Tips To Look, Act, And Feel More Girly


How you present yourself to the world should be your decision, and any changes to that should come from you!

Remember that you don’t need to change yourself for anyone worth having in your life.

BUT, if you’re looking to make a shift and want to feel and look more feminine, we’ve got some great tips.

Some are to do with your appearance, and others are to do with your mentality and approach to things.

Experiment and see what works for you – and have fun along the way!

1. Work on your self-confidence.

For a lot of people, being feminine is about having confidence and being sure of yourself.

Femininity can be as simple as accepting yourself for who you are as a woman.

Embrace what makes you a woman. Is it your hair, lips, curves? Is it your soft approach to things or your gentleness that makes you feel womanly?

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