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How to Be the Most Effective Voice in a Room by Veena Ramagopalan

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When it comes to effective communication at work, there is a thin line between being aggressive and assertive. It is very important for you to be assertive and have the ability to listen to what people are saying.

At the same time, it is important to speak up. Our Expert says that one should never be apologetic for having a point of view and expressing it in any given room.

Being the most effective person in a room is to have a balance between the two — speaking up and listening to another person’s view.

To have effective communication, you have to focus on your body language, confidence, voice modulation and language of communication.

The best way to practice and improve your body language is to listen to Ted talks about personal grooming, meeting trainers, reading about it online, and the many other options that are available in the market now.

A good speaker always displays confidence, is good at voice modulation and has to have a good hold on language. 

In a meeting, if the topic is not directly related to you, you can always take part by being prepared for the meeting and asking questions until everything is clear to you.

Effective communication is open not only for outspoken people, but also for introverts. Introverts can listen and make their point when necessary. 

Introverts can always make powerful statements. Veena says that introverts are also good at summarising, which is very important when it comes to effective communication.

Get more hacks for effective communication on this Expert Chat with Veena Ramagopalan. 

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