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How to become a faster and better decision maker

Source | | Dean Graziosi

CEOs are known for being quick on their feet—for coming up with the correct solutions to the most pressing problems exactly when they’re needed.

But how, exactly, do they do it?

For most of us, when we have to make decisions, we agonize over them. We wonder what the repercussions of the decision might be years down the line, how it might hurt our lives, how it might affect our business. Then, we look back and think, “Oh, I probably could have done that better.” Sometimes, we’re straight haunted by the decisions we make, holding on to them, obsessing over what we should have done instead.

One reason for this is we conceive of decision making as black and white, consisting of a right and wrong option.

But the truth is, there’s more to it than that. And those who seem to be great decision makers understand that nuance, and they use it to their advantage—especially when making big, life-altering decisions.

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