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How To Become A Likable Leader

Source | | Ken Gosnell

Likability is one of the most important traits of any leader. But it doesn’t mean being a pushover. Often, the leaders who are the most likable produce the best results, and are driven and passionate. People respect the high standard that they set for themselves and their organizations. To be likable, leaders need to be the kind of person that they would like themselves.

Likability starts with a decision to become likable. Some leaders are likable and others are not — because they choose to be. Often, leaders who are the most fulfilled genuinely desire to be liked by others.

Here are five ways to be a more likable leader.

1. Know your concrete guideposts.

For others to like you, they must know you. For them to know you, you must know yourself. Every likable CEO has foundational principles for who they are and the person they desire to become. These are concrete guideposts that shape their thinking and their decisions. When you communicate these guideposts, others are attracted to your leadership and your core values.

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