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How to become a mechanical engineer?

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By | Albert Tom

Engineering is a vast field with numerous opportunities. For those who love to design, develop or dabble in technology, a career in engineering would be a great option. One of the most challenging branches, Mechanical Engineering offers knowledge of heat transfer, product design, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics.

Choose a good Engineering school to make a name for yourself

You need to be careful before you apply in an engineering school because what you put in your CV is of utmost importance. To stand out from others, you should opt for a bachelor’s and master’s degree from a prestigious college. There are many international universities offering Mechanical Engineering courses which will benefit your CV and also help you get a good opportunity.

How to become a mechanical engineer?

Mechanical engineering courses are structured in a way that covers the practical and theoretical knowledge of different fields of mechanical engineering.

The key subjects covered are Materials Science, Strength of Materials, IC Engines, Thermodynamics, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Automobile Engineering, etc. In the first year of engineering, every branch has common subjects and the specialization starts from second year onwards.

The study of B.Tech mechanical engineering involves the core concepts of mechanics, thermodynamics, kinematics, structural analysis, material science, and electricity.

Apart from these subjects, some tools are taught to emphasize on the skills of mechanical engineering. Lab practical and workshops are important to enhance the skills and become more successful in the field. Nearly almost all mechanical engineering jobs ask for a bachelor’s degree. The mechanical engineering degree is typically for four years, however, many students tend to choose four to five years to earn their degree. Such programs may emphasize internships and jobs to prepare students for work in the industry.

The theory is another major focus in order to prepare students for jobs. Many engineering schools let their students spend two years studying pre-engineering subjects and two years in studying core engineering subjects to obtain a bachelor’s degree. Some colleges offer five years program which allows students to gain both bachelors as well as a master’s degree.

An internship is very important for engineering in higher education along with some research-and-development programs. Many mechanical engineers learn new technology through engineering or business administration to broaden their knowledge in the field.

Choosing mechanical engineering offers immense career opportunities with jobs be it in the private or public sectors.

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