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How To Become A More Decisive Leader

Source | | Chris Myers

There is a pervasive myth in business that the best leaders are the ones that make the best decisions. However, recent studies have shown that this isn’t necessarily the case.

According to a recent study published in Harvard Business Review, one of the four things that set successful CEOs apart is the ability to make decisions with speed and conviction.

As it turns out, the outcome of any given decision is typically less important for an organization than how the decision was made.

I found this insight to be particularly interesting because I’ve had the opportunity to work as both a strategist and a CEO throughout my career.

As a strategist, my job was to think. I relished in intellectual complexity that came along with deep dives into various issues impacting the business. Naturally, I brought this approach to bear at BodeTree once I became CEO.

However, I quickly learned that my overly-academic approach to decision making caused unforeseen problems. My decision process led to frustrating bottlenecks inside of the organization and caused a type of paralysis that spread through the team.

As it turns out, the talents and skills that make a great strategist become a detriment when you make the jump to the role of CEO. I had to unlearn what I had learned and develop an entirely new framework for making decisions. In doing so, I realized that there were three key aspects that I had to master to become a more decisive leader.

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