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How to Boost Employee Engagement

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It’s Dana’s Birthday! But does anyone care?

Employee Engagement is at a serious low when Amy realizes that not even Fooze-CO’s manager, Perry, pays attention to this employees. That could be a serious morale problem.

Learn the importance of building a company culture and follow Amy as she guides us through four levels of recognition to help boost work performance! This is based on The Carrot Principle, written by Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton.



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  1. Employee appreciation, engagement and benefits has become an important factor in India now, considering the huge amount of attrition with recent times. My company,Work Advantage, is one of India's biggest employee benefits aggregator.Please visit if you wish to extend an awesome employee benefits package to your corporation. Thank you!

  2. This is so-much crapola. Those of us in the real-world know that what counts in a job are things like pay & benefits. The overwhelming amount of people don't get up & go to work every day because the enjoy-it, it's simply a necessity. Presenting trivial awards, holding birthday parties for people that don't want them, and simply thinking your workforce is stupid-enough to enjoy such condescending things is not the answer. Pay them well, present a good benefits package, and simply let them do their jobs & you'll see a happier workforce with less employee turnover!

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