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How to Bounce Back After Leaving a Toxic Work Environment

Source | LinkedIn | Ellen Hendriksen | Clinical Psychologist, Anxiety Specialist, Author, Speaker

Delighted to contribute to LinkedIn’s #YouAsked feature again! I love the bite-sized, useful pieces of advice the feature generates. This time around, Amanda, an HR manager from California asked:

“What’s the best way to move on from a job where you were treated badly and had to leave because of the toxic environment?”

Here is my response:

Amanda, what an awful experience! First of all, know it’s not your fault. You never would have knowingly stepped knee-deep into harassment, exclusion, bullying, or any other toxic environment. 

Next, while it’s unfair that you were the one who was forced out, it’s important that you’re safe from intimidation or degradation. According to a survey by the Workplace Bullying Institute, 62% of employers simply ignore toxic employees in their ranks. It can be tempting to stick it out due to a sense of fairness or pride, but at some point, the healthiest thing to do is walk away. 

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