How to Build a Business and a Family at the Same Time

The choice between work and life shouldn't be an accepted symptom of entrepreneurship

By | Ryan McGrath |

It’s common for entrepreneurs to feel as though they need to choose between their personal and professional lives. Often times, young leaders are simultaneously growing their businesses and their families. As a result, your days can become taxing. From play time to board meetings and everything in between, learning how to juggle a successful life — both at home and in the office — can be challenging.  

As a CEO and new father, I spend a lot of time reflecting on this demanding dynamic. Why are we led to believe that we must make familial sacrifices in order to succeed as entrepreneurs? Are we not able to nurture our family life while simultaneously embracing our careers? I think we are. 

Here are five tactical habits that help me navigate being not only an entrepreneur, but also a husband, father, brother and son.  

Wake up early  

I know it sounds simple, but succeeding at your first task of the day will set a positive tone for the hours that follow. Don’t just manage your time: Try to control it. By waking up early, you can complete important tasks while your kids remain asleep. Being proactive will give you a head start and save you time later on to spend with those you care about.  

For instance, if you complete a few tasks early in the day, you can go on to enjoy breakfast with your spouse or kids once they’ve also risen. Mornings also tend to be a good time to practice mindfulness — a quiet interval of time to reflect, void of the mundane distractions that regularly vie for our attention. I set my intentions for the day each morning, then hit play. More often than not, this occurs during my morning workout.

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