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How to Build a Positive Employer – Employee Relationship?

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Sometimes the most difficult relationship to obtain is that between an employer and their employee, where falling behind to satisfy some of the crucial principles for a successful collaboration is a constant struggle. Nevertheless, having a fruitful mutual relationship is the key to creating success in the workplace. Most employers will confirm that it is their employees who bring success to the company. Neither technology nor any fancy gadgets will work if the employees do not do their job properly.


For that purpose, the employer is not just responsible for hiring the most qualified individuals, but also for maintaining a positive relationship which will serve as daily motivation for all.

  1.            Communication

The employee-employer communication should be open and honest. Employees have the right to know what the future goals of the company are so they can contribute their portion. However, employers who keep this type of information a secret may unintentionally breed distrust and doubtfulness at the workplace. That is why there shouldn’t be any lies or hidden objectives, other than confidential information, between the employees and the employer.

On the other hand, along with being open and honest sometimes comes miscommunication; another nasty problem itself. Face-to-face conversations and one-on-one meetings will lower the opportunity for miscommunications to occur, whereas emails or online chats can be misinterpreted. When you have the opportunity, conference calls should be done through video chat instead of regular phone calls. The ability to read from an employee’s facial expressions often reveals more than simply words could and therefore this option shouldn’t be neglected.

Keep in mind that communication doesn’t only mean one party talking, but more importantly listening first. You should always try to have constructive, consistent and open two-way communication with your employees which will inevitably result in a positive outcome.

  1.              Feedback

Feedback will help your employees be more aware of their performance and keep track of where they are lacking in certain areas. They will have better insight into the results of the work they’ve done, meaning they will see how far their efforts have reached. If a relationship lacks feedback, then it wouldn’t be considered complete. For that reason, employees should be given feedback regularly and you as an employer should provide that for them. Feedback is essential for your employees to know whether to stay on the same track or take things into another direction.

Whenever you are providing positive or constructive feedback, you help your employees grow professionally. Either praising them for doing their job well or talking to them about the mistakes they’ve made during a project will be beneficial and an effective way to inspire progress.

It’s also important for your employees to take your feedback into consideration and show that they’ve understood and learned from it. Encourage your employees to keep track of their daily and weekly accomplishments and difficulties electronically for you to follow and learn about their own feedback as well.

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