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How to Build a Successful Employee Listening Strategy

By | Manpreet Randhawa |

Employee listening is an area within employee experience and talent management that presents companies with significant opportunities for adding business value. In today’s complex labour market, employees are demanding more and initiating listening strategies, and taking action from employee feedback can result in highly positive and impactful results. That’s why more leading companies are investing in people analytics and strategies for employee listening.

Company Benefits from Effective Employee Listening Strategy

Successful employee listening develops a more engaged and productive staff. According to Forbes, employees who believe their voices are being heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered and perform at their best. This is done because employee listening:

  • Shows you care about employees – by valuing their opinion and concern

  • Provides real-time information – that offers a means for actionable changes

But many employees feel they are not listened to within the organisation throughout different parts of the employee lifecycle. And surprisingly, only one in three employees have stated they feel comfortable expressing their views to managers. 

Four Major Types of Employee Listening Channels?

Several channels can be used to gather information on what employees think, feel, and want to see a change in the organisation. And some channels can be utilised together. Determining the specific information you seek will decide the best channel.

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