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How To Build A Successful Team In Your eCommerce Business

By | Sally Writes

With global eCommerce sales predicted to grow 16.5 percent with an anticipated $3.914 trillion in eCommerce sales, it is clear to see the eCommerce revolution continues to go from strength to strength. By 2021, revenue in the eCommerce industry will surpass the $5 trillion mark, according to eMarketer’s Global eCommerce Forecast. As more entrepreneurs explore the allure of an eCommerce business, one of the most crucial decisions they will have to make to ensure its success is surrounding themselves with the right team. The HR function of online retailers is pivotal if eCommerce businesses want to remain competitive and successful. Spending the time and money on building a successful team not only ensures your success in the eCommerce realm, but it also guarantees better productivity and employee management in the future.

Clarify The Key Roles Needed For Your eCommerce Team

Before you can begin creating a successful team for your eCommerce business, you must first outline what roles will be integral to your business’ success. With the eCommerce industry being incredibly competitive, the demand for talent is also high. Knowing what roles you need to fill helps you to craft the best team, and reduces the time and cost of staffing your business. There will be foundational roles you need to fill such as a web developer (development and maintenance of your website), director of eCommerce (management of the eCommerce operations), and a logistics manager (to oversee the supply and delivery of merchandise). You may also want to consider recruiting a social media specialist to help with improving your business’ social media presence.

Other supplementary roles will include an inventory manager and sales/customer representatives to maintain good customer service. Poor customer service costs businesses $75 billion annually, according to NewVoiceMedia’s Serial Switchers Report. The goals of your eCommerce business and its stage (growth, maintenance or startup) will heavily influence the roles you decide to recruit for. It is also worth noting that you need to ensure your business attracts the right talent when forming your team. This includes crafting a competitive remuneration package, competitive benefits, establishing a common culture, and embracing various backgrounds as an online business. Companies that encourage diversity and an inclusive culture benefit from unique perspectives, better reputation in the eyes of employees and customers, and increased productivity, according to the Forbes Diversity and Inclusion Fostering Innovation Through a Diverse Workplace report. Without the right qualities in place, you risk attracting unsuitable talent and missing the mark with your customers.

Create A Foundational Skill Criteria For Any eCommerce Recruits

For any employee working in an eCommerce business, there are certain key skills that they need to possess to be productive and successful. Setting out these key skills before beginning the recruitment process saves your business training costs and training time, and ensures the employee is a better fit for the eCommerce industry. For instance, eCommerce companies are recognizing the rising importance of a social media background for many of their customer-facing and behind the scenes roles. To be able to formulate an effective digital marketing strategy, a digital marketing manager needs to be aware of digital and social media trends.

Similarly, members of an eCommerce team need to have at least a basic understanding of data analytics so they can track their progress and achievement of KPIs. Key Performance Indicators for an eCommerce team can vary from the traditional brick and mortar businesses. Instead, they focus on key performance indicators or metrics like bounce rate, mobile site traffic, and email open rate. With the cost of hiring a new employee surpassing $4,000, taking the time to draft core skills needed from your eCommerce team can significantly reduce the recruitment and training costs.

Build Your Team Around Your Business’s eCommerce Strategy

When creating a successful team, businesses also need to be careful to build their team around their business’ long and short term goals. What do you want to achieve in your eCommerce business? For instance, a business looking to revamp their website or bring their IT function in-house would require the services of an experienced website developer or IT specialist. Similarly, online retailers aiming to expand their delivery radius would need to recruit additional delivery personnel and inventory control employees.

Lastly, focus on employee engagement. Creating a successful team is only part of the process. For your team to enjoy continuous results and satisfaction, employers must be prepared to offer a stimulating and supportive work environment. In short, be sure you leave space to keep your team happy so that they can help your online business thrive.

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