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How To Build A True Following As A Leader

Source | | Jenn Lofgren

Leadership is hard enough. Why make it harder trying to be all things to all people, hustling to be someone you’re not?

In reading Dr. Brené Brown’s bookBraving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone, my mind went to my clients and when they lead with their authentic leadership style. I’m always amazed by the freedom many of them feel when they let go of who they “should” be and show up as they are, creating a greater sense of belonging with their team.

But, how can you be brave as a leader when standing out can feel so lonely and isolating? It sounds a little flippant, but you start by looking inward.

Connect To Your Goals And Values

Clearly defining and then connecting to your broader goals and values is crucial for honest leading. You gain a deeper understanding of what your greater purpose is, both personally and with your team. This gives you better clarity on where you’re going, why this is important to you and how you will get there. Then, you can clearly share this with your team. You bet it’s vulnerable, but this allows for more buy-in to create a more honest following.

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