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How to build successful professional services unit for Products and Services? – A Point of View

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Disclaimer: I am in no way a products specialist and am writing this article based on my know-how/experience of the products and services industry.

Technology sector is growing leaps and bounds on a daily basis. With the advent of SMAC (Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud), the Software Products and Services Markets are changing phenomenally. The changing landscape gives a lot of positive levers to the end customer/firms offering services in terms of Improved Product Quality, Faster Turnaround for Product Launches, Quick Feature enhancements and Quick Resolution of issues to name a few.

“Don’t find customers for your products. Find products for your customers. — Seth Godin”

Product companies are in the process of expanding horizon and moving into a suite based products and services delivery. Will this suit the end-clients? Would Best of Breed Product Splintering and Integration succeed in the long-run Vs. a Single Vendor based Product Suite based delivery? There could be different variations that would benefit different organizations, based on organizational complexity, ease of contracting, technology consistency, product suitability, organizational drivers etc.

Successful Product companies have a solid Vision, Mission Values. They have focused goals, have a clear strategy in terms of customer Focus, open to Crowd-sourcing of Ideas from within. These focus on higher customer value delivery to lead the rest as visionaries

Successful companies having plenty of products to offer as a suite to their customers have strategic “String of Pearls” or a “Strings of Jades” approach for Product Portfolio Selection and Rationalization for customer specific needs.

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