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How to Build Your Attention Span

Rapidly build your deep work focus and attention span with these four steps

By | Bertrand Ngampa |

Today, you intended to sit down and knock out a bunch of work. However, with one ping from your phone, you can have your attention stolen by a notification or even an employee looking for one of those not-so-quick meetings.

Nowadays, the battle for your focus and attention is far beyond what anyone could have imagined. So when you can build up this skill, you will have a huge advantage in today’s marketplace.

Below are four simple steps to improving your ability to focus in no time.

1. Create a list of three “must get done” tasks for the day

Make a list of those things that you must get done today. There are millions of tasks you believe you need to get done — when in actuality, there are only a few “must” get done tasks. Completing these tasks is more impactful and will leave you feeling more accomplished.

So, before you begin working, consider this approach. 

Bring out a paper and pen and write down everything you are hoping to get done that day. You will notice that the long list in your mind will get shorter and shorter. Finally, reality settles in that you don’t have this mighty list to accomplish. From that list, pick only the top three that you will give all your time and energy to get done by the end of the day. 

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