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How to Compete When You’re Outgunned

Source | LinkedIn : By Jonathan Carter, PMP, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Success isn’t always about capital, experience, influence, or personality.

In the winter of 1848, a California millworker was shocked to discover gold dust in the wastewater of his lumber mill. Within two years, over 25,000 miners flooded to California, hoping to strike it rich. The majority of them lost everything they owned… with one notable exception.

An enterprising man named Samuel Brannan heard about the discovery and promptly purchased every shovel in the city of San Francisco. Brannan became the first millionaire in the state of California, without mining an ounce of gold.

In a stampede of competitors, many of them well-funded and well-prepared, Brannan kept his cool, used his head, and figured out a way to get rich.

Many of us think that we can’t compete with those who are more established than we are. Other people (and businesses) often have more prestige or experience, more money, more connections, and better resources than we do.

You can still outperform them, and you can do it where you are, with the resources you have right now.

Creativity is the key.

Never underestimate the power of innovation. It is the one thing that will always level the playing field in your favor. If you maintain fresh thinking, bold ideas, and the ability to take calculated risks, you’ll always have the upper hand, even though it might not seem that way.

It is always possible to out-think and out-strategize even the most powerful competitors. Stay abreast of the latest trends in your industry, and learn about technology that can give you an edge. Find new ways of meeting people, new ways to publish your own information, and better ways of communicating that require less input. Maximize each minute of effort, every dollar you spend, and every relationship you build.

Using your creative mind and eliminating unnecessary, unproductive activity will bring you the two most valuable things in business: balance and focus.

When you’re creative, your ideas are better. You’re more productive. You’re not rushed and stressed, like your competitors. Instead, you’re focused and inspired.

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