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How to Conduct a Remote Employee Performance Review

By | Dr. Ankita Singh |

“RE” has been a prefix for practically everything, owing to the Pandemic or the necessity of the ever-changing times. RE- ALIGN, DESIGN, SKILL, STRATEGIZE, and so on; REMOTE working, in reality, reshuffled the way and place of work.

Every fundamental facet of life obtained a virtual face. Whatever any organization or individual could do in terms of communication, collaboration, coordination; was accomplished via an e-window. A system and a good internet connection evolved as the immediate need to connect, work and coexist. Suddenly there was a mandate to learn how to be good with online tools, platforms, and screens; to make this Virtual world real!

Understanding people, conveying what organizations meant to, and preserving trust became challenging because of the magnified distance between people. Leaders encountered difficulties enabling, mentoring, counseling, and training individuals as the place and way of work changed with zero prep time. There were gaps for apparent reasons.

It became critical for managers to understand the significance of having the right employee performance review system as this was one of the primary ways to identify, enable and achieve the desired goal. Not everything around us was going as per the plan, towards the defined goal; there were many factors to relate to and blame for, but what kept the boat sailing was the continuous connection, feedback, support, and realignment.

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