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How to create a 100 million jobs? Fix cities, promote elder-care, home deliver

Source | LinkedIn : By Mohan Kannegal

India’s Governments in the Center and the State are working hard to create millions of manufacturing jobs. This is a noble cause but unlikely to succeed. India came to the manufacturing party late (because of convoluted laws on labor, land and permits). China has an insurmountable lead. And the US wants jobs back. But there are other ways India can create millions of jobs.

PROMOTE HOME DELIVERY OF EVERYTHING (50 Million jobs): India is a densely populated country with terrible infrastructure. So home delivery of everything should be actively promoted. This creates millions of jobs, reduces private vehicle use and reduces crowding on streets and footpaths. We could become the first country in the world where people work, shop, school, get well, get their teeth fixed, get beautified from home. The only reason people should go out is to meet other people and talk in play areas, parks and restaurants. The government should actively promote work from home, shop from home, learn from home, dispose garbage at home.

USE MNREGA TO FIX CITIES (10 Million Jobs): India has, by far, the ugliest cities in the world. If the government decided to clean up Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata – fix all the sewers, sewage-treatment plants, drains, roads, lighting, garbage, lakes, water supply, electricity supply, traffic management, land records update, property tax compliance using labor from cities and villages using money from MNREGA, it would create 10 million jobs and the project would last a decade. But this time the government should do it right, using good agencies who work on a build-operate model so that it is not built, ignored, destroyed and then re-built in an endless cycle of waste. MNREGA money (38,500 Crore in FY16) in any case today is being wasted digging trenches that serve no purpose.

New York Municipality employs half a million people. Bangalore Municipality employees 10,000. Both cities have the same population.

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