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How to Create a Great Work Space for Your Employees

By | Samantha Higgins

If you want to create a great workspace for your employees at your business, here is how you can do it and do it right. Check out these five ways to make that happen. And while you do have other suggestions out there, these ideas can help to get you started.

1. Designate Break Spaces

You can help break up the monotony of work and help keep your place more tidy. And you can better keep away personal distractions from your employees and their workflow. You should consider creating designated break spaces. Without a doubt, your employees will love them.

Not only should you think about the kitchen and coffee area. You should also think about relax spaces, where your employees can literally zone out. These types of spaces are growing in demand and can absolutely be very useful. And you easily can find great furniture and anything else you need that make your designated break spaces comfortable and functional.

2. Bring in the Light

When you focus on lighting, you focus on better productivity. You also bring in more energy savings through lighting upgrades. It is a known fact that employees are more productive in well-lit spaces. You also have so many wonderful lighting products that are energy-efficient.

But you don’t only need to focus on your lighting systems. You need to address any dark paint colors or dark wallpapers currently in place and refrain from using them if a first-time build. You also need to think about your windows and make any efforts to bring in more light through them.

3. Upgrade Your Technology

When you try to create a great workspace, you definitely should focus on any needed tech upgrades. What good is new decor if you don’t have technically advanced products and the technology to use them?

Of course, you need to consult with the professionals that can assure your technology is up to par. And you might even have those pros on your team in your IT department. But you also need to make sure the building infrastructure can handle the wiring upgrades. An architect can help you. Try looking for a great architect in your area. For example, if you’re living in California search for a licensed architect in California, or you can search for larger architect companies that service multiple areas. Either way just make sure that you find someone who is qualified and can help meet your needs.

4. Consider Open Seating

Have you thought about open seating? This is a very popular trend in creating new or upgraded workspaces, and you might find it to be very helpful, too. Reasons for creating open seating include better information sharing, more hands-on training, and increased profits.

But before you start breaking down walls and opting for more open spaces over closed-off offices, you must consider all of your needs. Not all of your employees will prefer open seating and more space sharing.

5. Get Employee Feedback

Before you even begin laying out your plans or starting the construction and design, you might want to get employee feedback. What better way to give your employees a workspace they will love than to get their opinion on what they would like?

You might not be able to please everyone, but you can at least say you tried. Be sure to jot down your employee wishes along with what you want to see. You should be able to come up with a workspace that everyone will enjoy.

Get the Most Out of Your Workspace

Whether this is a first-time build or a much needed remodel, you can have a great workspace when you turn to the areas that will have the most impact. Each of the five suggestions above will ensure you have a great workspace that will work for all of your employees.

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