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How to Create Motivation at Work – Daniel H. Pink – Book Recommendations


This video is on the book Drive, the Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us By Daniel H. Pink

IMPORTANT POINTS/SUMMARY on How to create a motivating work environment

What happened during the course of someone’s life that makes them lose motivation?
Science has proven over and over again that ONLY simple and straight forward task, higher incentive leads to higher performance.
However, when a task requires EVEN rudimentary cognitive skills such as conceptual and creative thinking, reward leads to poor performance
Why do businesses still rely on this kind of reward system?
During the Industrial Revolution tasks were mostly straight forward like a Ford linear production chain, relying on extrinsic motivation, by rewarding people for the desired behaviour and punishing them for undesirable one, looks like the logical outcome to increase productivity.
And that’s why most companies are still rooted with the thinking that when it comes to motivating their employee, the only important factor is to use rewards or sanctions. But, work has changed.

How can we create a motivating work environment?
To create motivation for a routine task, we can start by acknowledging that the task is boring, explaining why it’s important and let people chooses the way they want to accomplish it.
GOAL: Think autonomy and not control.
When the job is mostly a creative and a conceptual, an adequate remuneration is required to take the money issue off the table.
Then, we have to create an environment that encourages autonomy, mastery and purpose.
Let people choose their TIME, their TASK, their TEAMMATES and their WAY, to offer the kind of work environment where people feel in control, strive for mastery and work for a purpose.

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  1. Your English isn' t that great but it's okay because you're making stuff anyway and working with what you got. Which is super awesome! Thanks for being you and sharing Bookaneer, your doing great.

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