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How to Deal with a Boss Who’s a Bully (and a Micromanager)

By | Chris Voss |

The secret to getting the upper hand in a negotiation is giving the other side the illusion of control. 

There is great power in deference, especially because bullies (and micromanagers) are fear-driven and afraid of being out of control. Keep reading to learn how to deal with them. 


How to Deal with a Boss Who’s a Bully (and a Micromanager)

Rethink Your Approach and Be Patient

Here’s the bad news: You’re not going to like this. Some of this has to do with your approach.

You are likely goal-oriented, impatient, and highly autonomous. It’s understandable.

But even small delays to “save time” in your communication approach will pay huge dividends in the effective use of your time.

Remember, patience is a weapon, and there is great power in deference. Deference is not submission—it simply gives the other person the illusion of control.

How can you be more patient? By employing tools from The Black Swan Method™—like Mirrors™ and paraphrasing—and using a downward inflection in your delivery (i.e., the “late-night FM DJ” voice) 

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